Monday, 3 December 2012

Businesses Using Online Booking Software (SaaS)

Online Booking Software - businesses that use it?

online booking software categories

People often ask me what businesses use online booking software (SaaS) so I thought I would write a post to describe the booking sectors and industries that use appointment booking sector.

Booking software can be broken down into different booking sectors as they are quite different and require specific software to meet the booking requirement.

online booking software categories:

1. Ticketing booking systems
2. Accommodation booking systems
3. Appointment booking systems

Ticketing booking systems are focused on issuing a ticket for an event such as a concert or journey such as a plane or train.

Accommodation booking is used to book holiday houses for a whole day or multiple days.

Appointment booking is used to book a time slot within a day or a series of time slots across multiple days.

 I am not going to list every single business type within the appointment booking sector as this list is quite big and is constantly growing.

The industries that use appointment booking software are generally businesses that sell their time. A service could be performed by a person or a device (resource) over a defined period of time. (time based service)

The following industries have been identified that use appointment booking software to book their time based services. Follow the links to find out the individual business types.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Making money from a Group Buying Daily Deal

Making money from a  Daily Deal Discount promotion

A Group Buying Daily Deal Discount promotion is an effected way for a business to generate sales and build a customer base but does introduce some business complications around managing the appointment booking process.

Booking software for group buying deals

Once the deal is activated you will immediately have to process all the bookings. This often involves taking bookings over the phone or processing a booking request via an online form or email.
 You may need to hire extra workers to handle the appointment booking process.

The booking process is time consuming for both the Daily Deal Provider and the business service provider wasting valuable time. If the business provider has to call customer back call charges will apply.

Solving the booking problem

The solution is to change the booking process to an online shelf service process where the customer finds the timeslot that best suits them and books themselves.

Case Study

Deal - A Driving School offers Group buying daily discounted driving lessons on the UK group buying website for the location of Glasgow.

The Deal offered was £35 instead of £132 for Three, Two-Hour Driving Lessons.
The Deal runs for a 24 hour period and is activated and sells 89 vouchers.
The deal offers 3 driving lessons which need to be booked in advance on 3 separate times.  Each customer needs to make three bookings  ( 89 vouchers sold  X 3 lessons per customer  = 267) for a total of 267 bookings.
Notify - The vouchers are sent via email to the customers with the booking instruction of how to book the driving lessons online using the website
Book - In most cases as soon as the customers receive the email with the booking instructions they will book straight away. This results in a booking spike on the day one and reducing over time.
Day one 129 bookings
Day two 87 bookings
Days 3 – 15 10 bookings per day and reducing
Some customers will then decide they need to change the booking time due to other commitment so will then use the website to modify the booking for another suitable time. Assume 5% of the booking are modified this results in another 13 bookings.

Find out more about bookitlive booking features.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Online Booking Software for Car Servicing & Repair Garages

Booking Software for Car Servicing & Repair Garages

All Business -> Automotive -> Car Servicing 

People often ask what businesses use bookitlive.
This week we are highlighting Automotive businesses.
All vehicles require regular servicing to make sure that are running at optimal performance. bookitlive takes the hassle out of scheduling the service time.  

Car & Truck service centre and repair garage booking software
Car Servicing online booking software
bookitlive allows booking to be controlled by the number of booking that can be processed in a single day instead of resource controls.
This allows the business to separate the booking from the allocation of jobs to staff.

Automotive businesses

Working as a automotive service provider means that empty garages are losing you income and profit that can never be filled. From Ambulances to Van servicing Mechanics, everyone wants and needs to maximise the day’s allocation of work. Offering new and existing clients the opportunity to book online, helps to maximise your time.
bookitlive allows your loyal customers and first-timers to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just when you are open.
bookitlive shows your availability so your clients can book the day and time that best suits them – no more time wasted on the phone going through all the dates and times that clash!
And filling in forms about your vehicle details at the time of booking means customer no longer need to hang around at drop off.
bookitlive has online booking software for the following automotive servicing and repair businesses:
  •  Ambulances
  •  Bucket Trucks
  •  Buses
  •  Cars
  •  Crane Servicing and Repairs
  •  Electric Cars
  •  Fire Engines
  •  Go Karts
  • Golf Carts
  • Limousines
  • Mining Vehicles
  • Mopeds
  • Motorcycles
  • Police Vehicles
  • Scooters
  • Semi Trailers
  • Taxi's
  •  Trucks
  • Vans

Find out more information about booking car servicing online at bookitlive

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Using Google Calendar for scheduling appointment bookings

Using Google Calendar for appointment bookings

Google calendar is a fantastic personal calendar and used by millions to organize their time but can it be used by businesses to manage appointments.

Using the appointment slots feature you can open up timeslots for people to select but you will need to sent out a URL to all your clients so they can see the calendar.

 Alternatively you could embed the URL link  into your websites. People can see when you are free. However this means that all of your clients need to use Google Calendar, which isn’t very practical.

Online appointment booking software for scheduling appointments
Online Appointment Booking software
I think most businesses use Google Calendar because they were using it to manage their personal calendar and thought they could extend it to manage their business calendar as well. Being free is another factor. As we know nothing in life is really free.

At bookitlive we constantly get new business signups who were using Google Calendar switching to using bookitlive instead. A dedicated online appointment booking software provides the extra functionality needed by business to manage the complete booking cycle. It provides the additional tools to make the booking process easy.

 The reason that businesses switch:

  • bookitlive is a fit for purpose and is specifically designed for businesses to manage online appointment bookings
  • Works on smartphones, tablets and PC/laptops
  • Features that collect client data and automatically populated into a client database when a client books an appointment
  • Provides booking and client history
  • Automated SMS appointment reminders
  • Dedicated portal views for the public and service provider
  • Ability to define business and resource availability for all their staff
  • Ability to Accept payment online at the time of booking an appointment

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Brand new cookbook - The North Melbourne Table

Taking a few minutes out from working on bookitlive I thought I would write something about an amazing new cookbook called:


There is no segue between a book and booking software but both require a lots of effort by a lot of dedicated people.

The North Melbourne Table Cookbook NMPS

The North Melbourne primary school conducts a kitchen garden program where they grow they own food and use it to cook up some great recipes.

To help raise money for the program they came up with a great idea to produce a cook book featuring recipes used at the school. To involve the local community they also invited local restaurants and cafe's to contribute recipes.

The result is a fantastic  cook book which Includes recipes from:

Auction Rooms
Banter Wine Bar
Cafe Trutrack
Casa & Bottega
The Courthouse
The Crimean
Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse
Grigons and Orr Corner Shop 
Hot Poppy
Kl Bunga Raya
The Last Jar
The Leveson
Metropolitan Hotel
Roller Door
Royal Mint on Spencer
Scholas Wine Bar
Sosta Cucina
Twenty and Six
Warung Agus Balinese Restaurant

 and loads of recipes from the school...


Well done Cathy and all involved.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to schedule lessons for Helicopter Pilot training

A Helicopter pilot training  requires 30-50 hours of lessons to get qualified. A student may needs to schedule up to 50 training lessons  with an instructor.

schedule your next lesson while I am in the air


Lift up your flight training business! 

With bookitlive online booking scheduling software behind your business, you can get off the phone and concentrate on the flying lessons.

Stop hovering

bookitlive allows your students to schedule online, and lets you easily make, change and track your training sessions. You can manage your student database and access individual student histories, track staff performance, advertise online and much more.

Get out of the clouds

With bookitlive, you can have an automated SMS reminders sent to the student the day before their flying lesson. You'll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy students.

Flying high!

bookitlive scheduling software works with your highly mobile lifestyle; it’s smartphone compatible, so your business is with you wherever you are. Access your lesson calendar and student details, view your daily schedule and receive instant updates when a new student books in. 

Keep your hands on the controls; let bookitlive handle the scheduling

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tattoo Studio Appointment booking software

Tattoo Studio Appointment Management Software


The Ink Of Success

As a busy Tattoo artist, your time is valuable. bookitlive booking software lets you put down the appointment book and pick up the pen.

Create the Picture

bookitlive allows your clients to book tattoo appointments online, and lets you easily make, change and track your bookings. You can access your client database, take payments online, advertise across the web and much more.

Inkout no-shows

With bookitlive, you can have an automated SMS reminder sent to the client the day before their tattoo appointment. You'll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows.

Multiple employees

New and existing clients can book an appointment with any tattoo artist on your staff. With Multiple Provider support, each artist has their own account profile and online schedule. The artists can also access their appointment schedules from home, so if someone decides to make a booking during off-hours they can see the appointments right away.

You concentrate on the Tatts; let bookitlive handle the scheduling.

Friday, 21 September 2012

IOS 6 Quick review, goods and bads

Quick review of the goods and bads of IOS 6 on iPad

Yesterday I spent a few hours testing bookitlive on IOS 6 on my iPad.

I am pleased to say the update to IOS 6 works fine with
But I did get some comments from my daughter once she got her hands on iPad.
The loves:
At lasts a clock with a stop watch. We were looking for the clock the other month and could not understand why it was not on the iPad.
Love the do not disturb hopefully less beeps and dinging going off in the middle of the night.
The hates
Where has YouTube gone! Please come back. After doing a few searches find out that Apple has ditched YouTube and maps. I did find the YouTube app but it is only the iPhone version. Hope to be able to download a version for the iPad real soon.
Apple Maps yes that’s Maps not Macs
We had a play around with Apple Maps, who stole all the traffic lights. Looks really odd with very little cars on the road and no traffic lights. It looks like a strange world after an Earth Quake has hit with ripples everywhere.
I think I will hold off updating our 4S until you can get Google Maps and YouTube.