Friday, 13 April 2012

Managing bicycle repairs

Booking software for Bike Shops

I have been cycling to work for over ten years which means I need my bike to be in good working order. 

My local bicycle repair shop uses bookitlive to take maintenance bookings 24/7 so when my bike breaks I can book it in for repairs at any time day or night.

 And here is the bookitlive blurb

Pump up your bike business!

With bookitlive online booking software behind your bike business, you can put down the appointment book and get back to the wheelie important stuff.

Upshift your business
bookitlive allows your clients to book a bike service or repair online, and lets you easily make, change and track your bookings. You can manage your client database and access individual service histories, track staff performance, advertise online and much more.

Grease the wheels
With bookitlive, you can have an automated SMS reminder sent to the client the day before their general service or complete bike overhaul. You'll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy clients.

On your bike!
bookitlive booking software works with your highly mobile lifestyle; it’s smartphone compatible, so your business is with you wherever you are. Access your calendar and booking service, view your daily schedule and receive instant updates when a new job comes in. 

Bicycle Repairs & Servicing

Break free from the peloton; let bookitlive handle the scheduling. 

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