Thursday, 26 April 2012

SEO Tips for 2012

SEO Tips for Service based businesses

The key to getting more people to find your business online is for your key business words to rank on the first page of a search engine results. This does not happen by accident, it involves optimizing your web site to rank higher in search results.

Here are some SEO tips that I have used to increase my website ranking.

1.  List your business on a directory listing site to get backlinks to your website. Better still if you are a service based business and need to book appointment having an account on bookitlive gives you the same result.

2. Do what I am doing here and create a blog. Blog about something related to your business and provide links back to your website.

3. Write articles and load the article onto article website. Remember to include links back to your website.

4. Create great content on your website and then link back by blogging or writing articles.

5. Create unique titles for each of your website pages and include keywords

6. Create a facebook page and provide great content, link back to your website.

7. Create a Google Plus page, add content and link back to your website.

8. Get a backlinks from a higher ranking website that is a similar type business to you. (Not that easy unless you know someone who manages the website)

9. Register your domain name ASAP as the older the domain name the higher you rank. (especially on Bing)

10. Lots of keywords, you should be conscious of placing appropriate keywords throughout every aspect of your website. The title tag and page header are the two most important spots to put keywords.

If you are creating a new website Google Adwords may be the best way to kick start your business as you will have to choose your keywords. You will  appear on the first page albeit in the paid results.

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