Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Booking Software for Fitness Instructors and Personnel Trainers

Improve business fitness, no sweat!

As a busy personal trainer, your time is valuable. With bookitlive booking software, you’re back in the gym.

The whole nine yards
bookitlive allows your clients to book appointments online, and lets you easily change and track your bookings, receive new-booking notification via text message, advertise online and much more. Why not opt to have an SMS reminder sent to clients the day before their appointment? You’ll quickly exorcise costly no-shows and tardy flab-fighters.
The trainer–client relationship
Running a fitness business with more than one personal trainer on staff? Clients can book an appointment online with the fitness instructor of their choosing. High reps? The Quickbook feature makes booking recurring appointments a breeze.

In sync with your mobile lifestyle
Personal trainers often run their businesses virtually, and being able to access your appointment book from your cell phone is crucial. bookitlive is smartphone compatible; your clients and schedule are always within reach.

Fatten your bank balance; let bookitlive handle the scheduling. 

Find out about more features for Personnel Trainers appointment booking.


  1. Cool - this is interesting. I am dealing with a number of fitness industry experts now and will consider talking about this with them now. My main area is martial arts fitness training, but the PT's I deal with will also eat this up! Awesome :)