Friday, 11 May 2012

What has Glee got to do with Online Appointment Booking Software

This post is brought to you by Glee Season 6.

Update: Glee is now finished.

Ok so it has nothing to do with Glee season 6. Glee is the reason this post is being written.

My partner and daughter like to watch glee and while they are watching it I am typing this post in a mission to get bookitlive noticed by the world. So as I am typing I can hear the song being beaten out by the glee club.

So how am I going to get a segway between Glee and Online Booking Software. Here goes, if you had a glee club and wanted to book a simple event online booking software would be the song you would be singing.

Nothing to do with Glee Series 6

Business - Entertainment

As a busy entertainer, your time is money. With bookitlive booking software behind your business, you’re free to perform.

Stop tying yourself in knots

Forget playing phone tag with your clients. bookitlive allows customers to book your Glee Club online, and lets you easily make, change and track your bookings. You can access your client database, track individual staff performance, advertise online and much more.

Works with your highly mobile lifestyle

Entertainers often run their businesses virtually, and being able to access your appointment book from your mobile phone is crucial. bookitlive software is smartphone compatible, so your business is always within reach.

Handling the herd

The Group Booking feature makes booking parties a dream. Perfect for birthdays, music and dance classes, you can define the number of people, adjust participant levels and take multiple bookings for the same timeslot. 

You make the magic happen; let bookitlive handle the scheduling.

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