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Performing Teeth Whitening Services - Do you need to be a Dentist

No Dentist required..

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It appears you do not need to be a Dentist in the UK or Australia to perform Teeth Whitening.

Here at bookitlive we noticed an ever increasing number of businesses using our booking software who offer teeth whitening services so I thought I'd check out what qualification you needed to offer this service.

How to book a daily deal using online appointment booking software

In the UK
Teeth Whitening products were confirmed as being cosmetic procedure as of June 28th in 2001 by the House of Lords ruling in the case of Optident Ltd and another versus The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. This means that they fall under the EU Cosmetics Directive implemented in the UK by the UK Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations 1996.

In Australia
The industry is unregulated and the practitioners do not require dental training. This service can be performed by hair and beauty salons.


Teeth Whiting appointment booking software 
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When you’re running a busy teeth whitening business, we know your time is valuable. With bookitlive online booking software, you can put down the appointment book.

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bookitlive booking software allows clients to book treatments online, and lets you easily make, change and track your bookings. You can create a menu of services, manage your client database, track staff performance, advertise online and much more.

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bookitlive’s Multiple Provider support gives each service provider in your business their own online profile and schedule, detailing the treatments they offer. Clients can easily view their preferred therapist’s schedule and book an appointment with them.

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A great way to build your business is to offer a Group Buying Deal. With bookitlive you can take the hassle out of booking the deal by booking and collecting the coupon codes online.

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