Friday, 17 August 2012

Group booking scheduling software

Managing group booking for multiple people

If your business runs schedules sessions for groups of people such as fitness training, yoga classes etc you need to be able to control the number of people that can book into an individual time slot.

You will need to be able to:

  • Define the number of people per session
  • Have the ability to adjust participant levels
  • Book multiple people at the same time
  • Control and restrict bookings to maximum limits

  • The bookitlive online booking service group booking feature allows you to schedule sessions and events with more than one person.
    The group booking feature can be configured to accept bookings for a multiple people in a single booking or multiple booking for the same timeslot. For Example, booking 10 people in a single booking or 10 separate bookings for the same time.
    Ideal for training courses, Yoga Classes, Go Karting, Flu vaccinations where multiple people attend the same session at the same time. One person can make a booking for the whole group.

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