Saturday, 11 August 2012

online appointment booking software defining your requirements

Limit your requirements to the booking software functionality
If you are a small business and looking to move your appointment booking online you need to limit your requirements to meet existing booking software functionality.

Why? Lots of requirements cost lots of money to develop.

Large Corporation often fall into the trap of making software work the way they currently operate instead of using the exiting software functionality. This results in the software being customised for their specific requirements and locking into ongoing customisation costs.
You might be thinking well the software works exactly the way their business operates that is great isn’t it.
But why did they want to buy the software in the first place instead of building their own software from scratch to work the way they operate. To save money of cause, it is very expensive to build your own software and building software is not the core function of the business.
Purchasing off the shelf software is the most cost effective way for a business to use software.  If you then customise the software the software becomes unique to your business which then increases the cost defeats the original reason to purchase.

What about small business?
Small businesses have a lot less money to spend on software so it is out of the question to build your own software.  To keep costs low subscription based online booking software fills the gap. It allows access to software at the fraction of the cost.
But small businesses often fall into the same trap when selecting software to link the selection to their current operational methods (just like corporations do).  

To avoid the cost small business needs to adapt the way they operate to the software functions as a starting point to experience the benefits of the software.
But what about those extra features?
As subscription software is constantly evolving you will find new functionality is constantly added that will meet your original requirements in later release.  Subscription software does not require you to pay for new releases so any new functionality is free. Your ongoing subscription payment contributes to the funding for new features.


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