Friday, 21 September 2012

IOS 6 Quick review, goods and bads

Quick review of the goods and bads of IOS 6 on iPad

Yesterday I spent a few hours testing bookitlive on IOS 6 on my iPad.

I am pleased to say the update to IOS 6 works fine with
But I did get some comments from my daughter once she got her hands on iPad.
The loves:
At lasts a clock with a stop watch. We were looking for the clock the other month and could not understand why it was not on the iPad.
Love the do not disturb hopefully less beeps and dinging going off in the middle of the night.
The hates
Where has YouTube gone! Please come back. After doing a few searches find out that Apple has ditched YouTube and maps. I did find the YouTube app but it is only the iPhone version. Hope to be able to download a version for the iPad real soon.
Apple Maps yes that’s Maps not Macs
We had a play around with Apple Maps, who stole all the traffic lights. Looks really odd with very little cars on the road and no traffic lights. It looks like a strange world after an Earth Quake has hit with ripples everywhere.
I think I will hold off updating our 4S until you can get Google Maps and YouTube.

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