Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Using Google Calendar for scheduling appointment bookings

Using Google Calendar for appointment bookings

Google calendar is a fantastic personal calendar and used by millions to organize their time but can it be used by businesses to manage appointments.

Using the appointment slots feature you can open up timeslots for people to select but you will need to sent out a URL to all your clients so they can see the calendar.

 Alternatively you could embed the URL link  into your websites. People can see when you are free. However this means that all of your clients need to use Google Calendar, which isn’t very practical.

Online appointment booking software for scheduling appointments
Online Appointment Booking software
I think most businesses use Google Calendar because they were using it to manage their personal calendar and thought they could extend it to manage their business calendar as well. Being free is another factor. As we know nothing in life is really free.

At bookitlive we constantly get new business signups who were using Google Calendar switching to using bookitlive instead. A dedicated online appointment booking software provides the extra functionality needed by business to manage the complete booking cycle. It provides the additional tools to make the booking process easy.

 The reason that businesses switch:

  • bookitlive is a fit for purpose and is specifically designed for businesses to manage online appointment bookings
  • Works on smartphones, tablets and PC/laptops
  • Features that collect client data and automatically populated into a client database when a client books an appointment
  • Provides booking and client history
  • Automated SMS appointment reminders
  • Dedicated portal views for the public and service provider
  • Ability to define business and resource availability for all their staff
  • Ability to Accept payment online at the time of booking an appointment

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