Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to schedule lessons for Helicopter Pilot training

A Helicopter pilot training  requires 30-50 hours of lessons to get qualified. A student may needs to schedule up to 50 training lessons  with an instructor.

schedule your next lesson while I am in the air


Lift up your flight training business! 

With bookitlive online booking scheduling software behind your business, you can get off the phone and concentrate on the flying lessons.

Stop hovering

bookitlive allows your students to schedule online, and lets you easily make, change and track your training sessions. You can manage your student database and access individual student histories, track staff performance, advertise online and much more.

Get out of the clouds

With bookitlive, you can have an automated SMS reminders sent to the student the day before their flying lesson. You'll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy students.

Flying high!

bookitlive scheduling software works with your highly mobile lifestyle; it’s smartphone compatible, so your business is with you wherever you are. Access your lesson calendar and student details, view your daily schedule and receive instant updates when a new student books in. 

Keep your hands on the controls; let bookitlive handle the scheduling

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