Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Making money from a Group Buying Daily Deal

Making money from a  Daily Deal Discount promotion

A Group Buying Daily Deal Discount promotion is an effected way for a business to generate sales and build a customer base but does introduce some business complications around managing the appointment booking process.

Booking software for group buying deals

Once the deal is activated you will immediately have to process all the bookings. This often involves taking bookings over the phone or processing a booking request via an online form or email.
 You may need to hire extra workers to handle the appointment booking process.

The booking process is time consuming for both the Daily Deal Provider and the business service provider wasting valuable time. If the business provider has to call customer back call charges will apply.

Solving the booking problem

The solution is to change the booking process to an online shelf service process where the customer finds the timeslot that best suits them and books themselves.

Case Study

Deal - A Driving School offers Group buying daily discounted driving lessons on the UK group buying website for the location of Glasgow.

The Deal offered was £35 instead of £132 for Three, Two-Hour Driving Lessons.
The Deal runs for a 24 hour period and is activated and sells 89 vouchers.
The deal offers 3 driving lessons which need to be booked in advance on 3 separate times.  Each customer needs to make three bookings  ( 89 vouchers sold  X 3 lessons per customer  = 267) for a total of 267 bookings.
Notify - The vouchers are sent via email to the customers with the booking instruction of how to book the driving lessons online using the bookitlive.net website
Book - In most cases as soon as the customers receive the email with the booking instructions they will book straight away. This results in a booking spike on the day one and reducing over time.
Day one 129 bookings
Day two 87 bookings
Days 3 – 15 10 bookings per day and reducing
Some customers will then decide they need to change the booking time due to other commitment so will then use the bookitlive.net website to modify the booking for another suitable time. Assume 5% of the booking are modified this results in another 13 bookings.

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Online Booking Software for Car Servicing & Repair Garages

Booking Software for Car Servicing & Repair Garages

All Business -> Automotive -> Car Servicing 

People often ask what businesses use bookitlive.
This week we are highlighting Automotive businesses.
All vehicles require regular servicing to make sure that are running at optimal performance. bookitlive takes the hassle out of scheduling the service time.  

Car & Truck service centre and repair garage booking software
Car Servicing online booking software
bookitlive allows booking to be controlled by the number of booking that can be processed in a single day instead of resource controls.
This allows the business to separate the booking from the allocation of jobs to staff.

Automotive businesses

Working as a automotive service provider means that empty garages are losing you income and profit that can never be filled. From Ambulances to Van servicing Mechanics, everyone wants and needs to maximise the day’s allocation of work. Offering new and existing clients the opportunity to book online, helps to maximise your time.
bookitlive allows your loyal customers and first-timers to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just when you are open.
bookitlive shows your availability so your clients can book the day and time that best suits them – no more time wasted on the phone going through all the dates and times that clash!
And filling in forms about your vehicle details at the time of booking means customer no longer need to hang around at drop off.
bookitlive has online booking software for the following automotive servicing and repair businesses:
  •  Ambulances
  •  Bucket Trucks
  •  Buses
  •  Cars
  •  Crane Servicing and Repairs
  •  Electric Cars
  •  Fire Engines
  •  Go Karts
  • Golf Carts
  • Limousines
  • Mining Vehicles
  • Mopeds
  • Motorcycles
  • Police Vehicles
  • Scooters
  • Semi Trailers
  • Taxi's
  •  Trucks
  • Vans

Find out more information about booking car servicing online at bookitlive