Monday, 3 December 2012

Businesses Using Online Booking Software (SaaS)

Online Booking Software - businesses that use it?

online booking software categories

People often ask me what businesses use online booking software (SaaS) so I thought I would write a post to describe the booking sectors and industries that use appointment booking sector.

Booking software can be broken down into different booking sectors as they are quite different and require specific software to meet the booking requirement.

online booking software categories:

1. Ticketing booking systems
2. Accommodation booking systems
3. Appointment booking systems

Ticketing booking systems are focused on issuing a ticket for an event such as a concert or journey such as a plane or train.

Accommodation booking is used to book holiday houses for a whole day or multiple days.

Appointment booking is used to book a time slot within a day or a series of time slots across multiple days.

 I am not going to list every single business type within the appointment booking sector as this list is quite big and is constantly growing.

The industries that use appointment booking software are generally businesses that sell their time. A service could be performed by a person or a device (resource) over a defined period of time. (time based service)

The following industries have been identified that use appointment booking software to book their time based services. Follow the links to find out the individual business types.

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