Friday, 11 January 2013

5 key online appointment scheduling software trends for 2013

5 key online appointment scheduling software trends for 2013

In my predictions for online appointment booking & scheduling software for 2013 I’d like to offer perspectives on 5 trends that are likely to occur.

5 key trends for online booking software 2013
5 booking software trends

1) Increased Adoption

There’s no question that adoption of online booking services will continue increasing across all geographic regions and service based businesses. In regions with healthy economies, the uptake will be driven by opportunities to improve revenue growth. In regions with troubled economies, it will be driven by the need to reduce costs. (look out for lots more daily deals) In either case, online booking software will enable small businesses and larger organizations to save time and money.

2) Market consolidation

Since 2007 the number of new online booking software providers has increased steadily. There is still no dominant player with a large market share. Consolidation is required to gain a sizable market share in 2013.

3) Less free services

Gone are the days of offering online booking services for free. Some startups offer the service for free initially but soon realize that it is not financial sustainable.  It is not possible to continue to develop software and provide customer support for free.
A dollar a day will be the minimum subscription charge for 2013. Still a lot less than an espresso coffee or newspaper.

4) Mobility

A greater percentage of bookings will be made on Smartphones and Tablets. I have been reviewing site statistics since 2008 and Safari browser has just overtaken Internet Explorer as the most used browser for the first time. I would say that is because of iPhone and iPad usage has increased and is now the preferred device to make online bookings.

5) Group buying deals

Booking group buying deals online will continue to grow as businesses realise the only way to make money from these deals is to force all bookings to occur online. What’s the point in running a deal  if you don’t get a new client database out of it.

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