Thursday, 7 February 2013

2013 The year to book everything online

2013 The year to book everything online

online appointment booking software
Book appointments online

Most of us use online tools every day -- we send e-mails, participate in social networks, buy products, pay bills and book vacations online. Yet people continue to pick up the phone to book hair appointments, spa treatments, car servicing, yoga sessions, a visit to our accountant and other common appointments. It's hard to believe that in 2013 we still schedule appointments by phone even though it often results in a busy signal or phone tag.


bookitlive offers a simple alternative. bookitlive allows you to find service professionals and book appointments in seconds.

bookitlive sends an automatic e-mail confirmation as well as a reminder in advance of the appointment.

Service professionals benefit as much as their clients.
Many have found that bookitlive saves them hours a week and the visibility on leads to new client bookings.
With more service professionals joining daily, bookitlive is rapidly redefining the way people book appointments.

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