Saturday, 23 February 2013

Managing appointments for a mobile massage businesses

Managing appointments for a mobile massage businesses

Time management has never been easier for busy mobile massage therapists. As the nature of their business keeps them constantly “on the go”, online appointment scheduling allows them to effectively manage their appointments and schedules from their Apple or Android devices, while also offering their massage clients the convenience of online appointment scheduling, 24/7.

Online appointment booking for massage therapist businessesOn-site massage is a fast-growing industry based on convenience. Clients no longer need to travel away from their home or office for massage services. With an increasing number of massage therapists offering on-site services, it’s imperative that these businesses seek out tools to run more effectively, in an effort to achieve greater client satisfaction, more clients and greater profits. As a result, an increasing number of mobile massage professionals are implementing online appointment booking software.

Online appointment booking is a must have for the massage industry. Online appointment bookings enables massage businesses to automate and improve their appointment process by allowing clients to conveniently book and pay for their appointments online, as well as receive automated text message and e-mail confirmations and reminders.

Online appointment booking software needs to include the following features:

  • Collection of client address and contact information
  • An icon on your mobile device for easy and instant access to your schedule.
  • Functionality to instantly add, change and cancel appointments.
  • Functionality to add and update customer information.
  • Filter appointment data by resources
  • Compatible for clients who book multiple appointments per time slot.
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