Saturday, 13 April 2013

Online appointment scheduling software helps Australian universities & colleges

Online appointment booking software for universities and higher education
Online scheduling software helping Australian universities  & colleges to manage appointment bookings between students and lecturers/tutors.

 Online appointment booking software provides the following benefits:

1.    Save hours per day.
Case studies of universities throughout the nation show university lecturers & tutors  save significant time by allowing students to book them online.

2.    Automatic student notifications.
These help students remember their lecturers & tutors appointments and can reduce the “no-show” rate by 70 percent. They can be in the form of e-mail or SMS text message.

3.    Better records of student appointments.
Online scheduling eliminates manual record-keeping in paper appointment books and spreadsheets. All appointment data is instantly accessible from the scheduling portal.     

4.     Student satisfaction.
Scheduling advising appointments online instead of by phone or in-person is more convenient for students. They also have access to their appointment history and meeting notes within their accounts. 

Online scheduling helps Australian universities & colleges  streamline their student and resource scheduling with online booking and automated e-mail and text reminders that reduce the no-show rate by 70 percent.

bookitlive provides online appointment scheduling services for 100s or service based businesses in 15 countries. 

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