Tuesday, 7 May 2013

bookitlive Press Release - Online appointment bookings made easy

Online Appointment Booking Quick and Easy.

This week bookitlive released a new original and exciting way to make appointment bookings online.

From our research over the last couple of years we understand that people want a quick and easy way to make appointment bookings online. People want to quickly select a service and instantly see a list of availability not blank calendars.

Based on our research, we developed a new  booking method using an availability list to make the booking process simple and fast.

Instead of showing a calendar with days and days of unavailability our approach is to show a list of available dates and times. The booking list only shows days with availability and can list up to 20 days of future availability. This is ideal for businesses with limited availability or businesses running events or training courses that occur infrequently. The availability list can be scrolled forward and back to quickly move between date ranges. A calendar button is still available to move to a specific date.

Onling appointment booking availability list

This is a world first for booking software providers and will become the standard approach.

The availability booking view is also white label and can be branded with a businesses colours and styles.

We also released our fully white label mini website for businesses that do not have a website or want to display more information prior to viewing availability.

mini website for appointment booking online

Contact bookitlive to style your booking pages with your business branding.

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