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online booking software for classes, training courses and group events

online booking software for classes, training courses and group events

Many businesses need to be able to book for groups of people. Here is some examples:

Booking Fitness classes
A fitness centre runs regular yoga classes and needs to be able to book multiple people in to the same timeslot. Maximum class sizes need to be controlled to avoid overbooking.

Booking a Go Karting session
A Go Karting track has limited cars so needs to control the maximum number of participants per hourly session. The race schedule needs to limit the number of slots available for each group booking.

Booking a Paintball Skirmish

A Paintball Centre has both private sessions and join up sessions. The private sessions require a minimum of 14 people fro each session.

Booking and paying for a Training course
Most training courses are run for groups of people and require caps on the number of people who can attend.
Booking Events and  Seminars 
Events and seminars often occur  as a once off or on a limited amount of days. These event usually have a big group size of 200 or more people. In most cases the person may  not know the date and time of the event.

Online Booking Software Features
When selecting  online booking software to manage group bookings the software needs  to cater for all of the above examples and provide the following feature set.

  • Ability to book and pay at the same time
  • Ability to book without payment
  • Ability to control the maximum group or class size
  • Ability to show the dates available without having to search through a calenda
  • Ability to modify an individual booking or the whole group booking
  • Ability to switch off the booking visibility
  • Ability to display the number available  bookings

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