Thursday, 13 June 2013

Business tips to grow your Massage & Physiotherapy Clinic

Business tips to grow your Therapy Clinic

Switching from a paper based appointment book to a online appointment booking software can grow your Massage Therapy Clinic.

Online appointment booking software for massage therapy clincs
Online appointment booking software for massage therapy clincs

This can be clearly demonstrated by a busy Massage and Physiotherapy Clinic in London switching from paper based process to online appointment booking solution. The stats speak for themselves.

Before using online appointment booking software, the clinic used a paper appointment book, had no receptionist, relied on their answer machine to record appointment requests, had 18 Massage Therapists and 1,800 clients.

After 9 months, there were 25 Massage Therapists and 2,765 active clients (49% more business) of whom 1,382 book appointments online (51% booking online).

Physiotherapist online appointment booking software
Physiotherapist online appointment booking software

The Clinic attributed the business growth to integrated marketing from directory listing, Facebook and twitter posts provide by the appointment booking software provider. The increase in online appointment bookings was so significant that the Clinic imposed a limit on how far in advance clients could book.

Prior to using online appointment bookings, each month the owner would go to the clinic at 5:00 am to record next month’s Therapists schedules and always fearful of making double bookings. Although the paper schedule was a work of art, phone tag was common and a substantial frustration for both clients and the clinics Massage & Physio Therapists.

Now clients book their own appointments online day or night from their computer or mobile devices such as iPhone and  Android Smartphones, and iPad Tablets. Clients receive automated email or text appointment reminders, can reschedule, sync with their personal calendar software and have quick access to make new appointments.

The owner now relaxes with confidence, no more double bookings, no more phone tag, reduced no shows and a growing business with new clients finding their Therapy Clinic on page one of Google!

The Clinic reports that their clients absolutely love the online appointment booking software and find the experience engaging, yet simple and fun!

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