Friday, 14 June 2013

Doctor’s online appointment booking software don’t believe the myth

No need for specialized Appointment software for Doctors

There has been a recent upsurge in appointment booking software aimed at Doctors but why is that so.

Is booking a Doctor online any different to making an appointment with any other service provider? 

Only providers of software targeted at Doctors want you to believe that.
The real objective of your patients is to see your availability and to select a time that suits their needs.  And guess what they don’t really want to sit in your waiting room for an hour because you cannot organize your schedule.

Let’s face it when a patient rings your receptionist to make an appointment they want to find a time that suits them and when they arrive want to see the Doctor straight away.

So why is there so many new online appointment software products aimed specifically at Doctors?

  1. Targeting a specific industry like Doctors means the software provider can charge more for the service
  2. Doctors like to feel special so happy to spend money on software that appears to be target for their requirements
  3. Doctors often have multiple receptionists so can be easily convinced to pay high monthly fees for specialized software.

If you are a Doctor looking for online appointment booking software don’t believe the myth that you need to use online software directly aimed at Doctors.  You just need online software to manage a schedule which is exactly the same requirement for all service providers.

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