Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Online Booking software for Trampoline & activity centres

 Trampoline activity center's booking online

It seems there has been an explosion of Trampoline & activity centres opening up everywhere  in Australia and New Zealand. This craze is bound to continue.

As these centres are so popular the only way to make a booking is online. Most new centres only except online bookings as it keeps their cost down. Any existing centres will need to get online to avoid being left behind as customers prefer to see availability 24/7 and book online.

New businesses could spend tens of thousands of dollars building their own booking and payment systems themselves or smart ones can use a online booking software provider who already have fully functional software that already caters for Trampoline centres and other activity centres (Paintball, Go Karting etc)

Must have online booking software features include:
Multiple pricing for each session EG General Admission, Student, Junior
Cater for group bookings and booking limits
Ablity to display session participants and their payment options
Ability to easily add new session type EG School Holiday programs
Confirmation and automated reminders
Customer and booking history export functions

Bounce higher than your competitor by booking online.

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