Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Case study - Doctors still in the last century with technology - ehealth record keeping appoinment management

Case study Specialist Doctor using technology in 2013

I thought I would write a case study for a recent visit to a specialist Doctor. 
Are they stuck in the past regarding technology and appointment management.

My local GP referred me to a specialist Doctor so I thought I would see how efficient their processes are in 2013.

The appointment booking process
The Specialist Doctors receptionist rang me to make an appointment and went through a list of time when the specialist was available. I agreed to a time. I asked to see if they could send me an email with the details and the receptionist said she would send me a letter in the post. The appointment time was in about a months time. Couple of days later the letter arrived.  
The letter then sat on my desk getting buried.  I then received another call from the receptionist as the Doctor wanted to change the appointment time. Another letter arrived in the post which joined he pile.
After all that I forgot the appointment as I did not add to my phone to get a reminder. I had to ring and make another appointment. This time I added to my calendar and told the receptionist that I do not need a letter posted to me.

This time I got a reminder so turned up on time. 

Filling in forms
On arrival I had to manually fill in a form to tell them information all ready stored in thousands on places.
After waiting 15 minutes past the appointment time I got to see the Doctor. 

The recording of notes
The Doctor had no computer and took notes on a piece of paper and filled in a form to get me on the public waiting list (She said it could be up to 2 years). The doctor advised she could do the test straight away if I paid the excess on my insurance.  
Getting on a waiting list.
After my 10 minute consultation the receptionist then faxed the form to get me on the waiting list.

Recording my visit to specialist
I asked if my visit could be recorded on my ehealth record with the response of that is not possible.

I thought what is going on here are we in the 21st century. faxes, hand written notes,  forms,  posted letters so last century. Then I got the specialist bill which brought me back to the 21st century $220 for 10 minutes and a place on a 2 year waiting list.

I thought I would tell them about online appointment booking software but thought they could find it themselves when they get Google in 2023.

some Doctors have started to use online appointment booking software but I bet it is the receptionist who is using it.

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