Friday, 2 August 2013

Online booking software comes of age with the Booking Availability Calendar

A bookitlive research and development project looked to make the online booking process quicker and more efficient for customer to make a booking.

Are research indicated most online booking software used a standard calendar approach for customers to select the dates and days of the week they wanted to book. This approach is slow and inefficient when there is limited availability as the customers can select multiple days before a date is found with availability.

If a  business is busy and has limit availability or when the customer does not know the dates and days of the week when an event is to occur a customer may never find a date with availability. This causes the customer to abandon the booking process and seek alternative ways to make a booking.

To make the booking process faster and more efficient bookitlive designed a new online booking approach for displaying and selecting availability. The new booking availability calendar provides booking capabilities for business sectors unable to use the standard calendar approach. This includes businesses running events and training  that offer limited availability and businesses that run infrequent or one off events.

"Booking Availability Calendar"

 Booking Availability Calendar is a  list of available dates and days of the week that a business is available to be booked. Only available dates and days of the week are shown, dates and days of the week without availability are not shown.

An example a Booking Availability Calendar – A Golf Professional offers Golf Lesson on Monday and Tuesday morning only all other days of the week he is unavailable. The Booking Availability Calendar only list the days and time the Golf Professional is available. The Booking Availability Calendar is more efficient than a standard calendar as days without availability are not displayed. This reduces the time it takes for a customer to make a booking as only available days and times can be selected.

To further improve the process bookitlive also added the amount of remaining availability for group/class bookings. 
online booking availability calendar
Booking Availability Calendar


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  1. This is a good idea BookitLive. I'll need to look into this further. Congrats on another great Australian business :)