Thursday, 26 September 2013

Media Release - Bookitlive signs agreement with Victorian parliament

Media Release - bookitlive signs agreement with Victorian Parliament

bookitlive signs agreement to develop online tour booking software for the Victorian parliament for school and architecture group tours.

16/10/2013 Update Development commenced.

Extract from  Victorian Parliament Annual Report for the Department of Legislative Assembly for the year 2013–14.

New tours booking database
Last year, the Tours and Customer Service Unit decided to look into developing a new database to collate all the school tours, role plays, metro visits and architecture tours we conduct each year. For many years we had been using a Microsoft Access database that had been set up by an outside contractor. Whilst that database had served us well we felt it was a bit restrictive and lacked some features we felt were needed to make it more accessible to staff and the public. As our tours program has expanded, so has the need for our database to be more flexible to allow for our changing schedule.

After extensive research and consultation we decided to adopt the database software developed by the company bookitlive. The bookitlive database is a web-based system. We have found it to be far more flexible when deciding to change our schedule by adding or cancelling tours. An important feature of the new database it that because it is web-based, it can be accessed through the Parliament web site and allows customers to check times and availability of tours before contacting our Tours Office for a booking. This has helped to save both our staff and customers a lot of time. The bookitlive database also automatically generates and sends emails to members of Parliament whenever a school or group from their electorate has made a booking for a tour.

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