Tuesday, 1 October 2013

40% of online bookings made while businesses are shut

40% of online bookings made while businesses are shut

Businesses without online booking could be missing out on significant business from potential clients who want to book outside of opening hours.
40% online appointment bookings when business is closed
40% lost business without online booking software

More than 40% of online appointment bookings in the last 12 months were made outside business  opening hours, according to software provider bookitlive.

Online appointment bookings for service based businesses grew 80% in the last 12 months as more businesses adopted the functionality.

bookitlive said  $4.1 million worth of business was booked online in the Australia over the last 12 months via its own bookitlive software. However, $1.1m of that was booked outside of business opening hours, suggesting businesses without an online booking software in place could be missing out on such bookings from potential clients who prefer to book at a time that suits them.

bookitlive Australia CTO David Godbold said: “Some clients like the feeling of control that booking an appointment online gives them, while others simply don’t have the time to call up a business during opening hours.”

Business now booking online include:

Accountants,  Acupuncturists,  Astrology Readings, Barista Training Course  Beauty Salons,    Bicycle Servicing Workshops,  Bowling Clubs, Car Servicing, Car wash,  Career Coaching, Charities, Children Entertainers, Chiropractors  Day Spas, Dentists,  Dive Instructors, Doctors, Driving Schools, Environmental Auditors, First Aid Training, Fishing Charters, Fitness Centres, Jet Flight Simulators,    Go Karting Centres, Golf Instructors, Gyms, Beauty Salons, Hypnotists, Language  Classes Laser Clinics, Lawn and Garden Maintenance,  Makeup Artists, Maintenance Services, Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, Nail Salons, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Paintball Centres, Personnel Trainers, Photographer, Physiotherapists, Pilot Training Podiatrists, Real Estate Agents, Recording Studios, Reflexologists, Restaurants,  Surfing School, Tanning Salons, Tattoo Studios,  Tax Agents, Teeth Whitening Clinics, Trampoline Centres Tour Operators, Tutoring Services, Vaccination Services, Uniform Fitting, Veterinarian, Waxing Salon, Weight Loss Centres

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