Monday, 14 October 2013

Booking software for all Service Providers (Doctors, Dentists, Candlestick Makers)

Booking software for all Service Providers (Doctors, Dentists, Candlestick Makers)

Ever called a physio or massage therapist to book an appointment and been put on hold or sent straight through to voicemail?
Ever tried to contact your Doctor or Dentist to make an appointment on a weekend or after hours and get no response?

Melbourne entrepreneur Craig Dickson has experienced this time and time again. So he started bookitlive to help fellow Melbourians book appointments for any service provider 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

Customers can book directly from the bookitlive website or via a widget or link on the service provider’s website.

It’s a destination site for customers, but the team also built a widget that any service provider can add to their website, so new and existing customers can book an appointment online.

bookitlive is also designed to be a useful marketing tool for the Service Provider  themselves, as it provides the capabilities to integrate the customer & booking data with other customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Mailchimp. bookitlive also provides the marketing ability to send bulk SMS and emails directly from the online customer database.

Craig’s  cofounder and CTO David Godbold is an IT veteran  and systems  engineer also from Melbourne  — the pair built the website with less than $150,000 in initial funding from friends and family. They launched in 2008 for Australian based businesses. In 2010 bookitlive's international version was launched and is now available worldwide, their client base includes small & enterprise businesses in the United Kingdom UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Canada, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Russia and United States USA .

The company makes its money by charging a monthly subscription fee for access to bookitlive online appointment booking software — a good option for businesses that don’t boast a strong digital presence. “For them, it’s a virtual storefront,” said Craig.

PS. We would love to know if anyone is calling their Candlestick Makers to book an appointment. We are still looking for the first Candlestick Maker business to use bookitlive.

About bookitlive
bookitlive is a leading provider of cloud based online booking solutions to manage online bookings and payments.
Used by small to enterprise corporations, state and local government departments, hospitals, banks, councils, corporate health care providers, universities and global corporation all successfully maximising efficiency by using bookitlive as an integral part of their day to day operations.

Founded in 2008, bookitlive’s client base includes businesses in the United Kingdom UK, Canada, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, United States USA and many more. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia.

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