Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Five Tips to Boost Sales for your Small Business

Here are five tips to boost sales for your small business:

1. Send out an email newsletter

Most clients on your e-mail list initially subscribed to receive discounts. This makes them the most responsive audience to your marketing efforts.

2. Market on your social media pages

Fans and followers of your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn pages will receive instant notification of posted discounts. And since they're already familiar with your services, they're most likely to respond. Boost your posts on your Facebook page to a wider audience such as friends of people who like your page.

3. Promote a discount on your website

Extend your discounts to prospective new clients on your website.
Unlike your current clients, these individuals are searching for your services and are more likely to visit your website for information. Promoting your discounts there will instantly capture their attention and result in more booked sessions.

4. Client Giveaway

Show your appreciation for your clients' business with a giveaway. Even businesses with limited budgets can generate interest with giveaways such as free service offering.
Market your giveaway in your newsletter, social media pages, Web site and your business location.

5. Launch a referral program

Provide an incentive for your clients to spread the word about your business to their friends and family.

bookitlive features its subscriber businesses on its website and posts client discounts and announcements on its Facebook and Google Plus pages.

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By David Godbold - Online Booking Specialist  at bookitlive

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