Monday, 21 October 2013

Streamlining the booking process for Automotive dealerships and service centres

Streamlining the booking process for Automotive dealerships and service centres

As the number of vehicles on our roads grows bookitlive is seeing greater interest in its online booking software among automotive dealerships and car service centres.

Aging vehicles require regular maintenance

According to survey results released Aug. 6 by auto research firm Polk, the average age of all light vehicles is 11.4 years. Additionally, the number of vehicles older than 12 years is on the rise.

These statistics bode well for the automotive aftermarket, as independent and franchised operations can expect more visits from both current and new customers.

However, businesses ill-prepared to handle this increase in service bookings will find the scheduling process very challenging.

The best way to automate and streamline this process is through online booking software.

Aging vehicles always require more maintenance, repair and service and as these typically require customers to book their vehicles, the need for a proven and reliable online booking software becomes a necessity.

By placing a "Book Now" button on their website, customers can conveniently select the service centre location and book their service 24/7 operated by the dealership or service centre franchise. 

Automated booking reminders also help reduce the customer ‘no-show’ rate, ensuring that service bays remain full.

As the leader in online booking software solutions since 2007, bookitlive understands the unique needs the servicing industry has for automating and improving their booking processes. Its online booking software helps dealerships and car service centres operate more efficiently and profitably.

Learn how bookitlive can help your business.

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