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Review of online appointment booking software - bookitlive

Review of online appointment booking software

8 out of 10 adults now use the Internet on a regular basis, which means businesses that don’t are missing out on a significant source of income. 

bookitlive provides online  software that businesses of all sizes can use to make it easier for their clients to book appointments online.

In this bookitlive  booking software review, you will get my take on bookitlive online booking software. By showing how the software works from the perspective of both a business owner and a client  making an appointment booking online, I hope to be able to provide you with a well-rounded view of how bookitlive  can work in a number of different scenarios .

About bookitlive


bookitlive in itself is a simple appointment booking tool, but behind the scenes the software is anything but basic. Businesses can accept bookings through their own websites or through their bookitlive mini website page, and they can manually enter bookings made by telephone or in-person using bookitlive’s  intuitive provider dashboard. bookitlive can  syncs with a business owner’s existing calendars, and it is accessible from any Internet-connected device.

Businesses of all sizes—from Personnel trainers  to corporate Tax agencies—can utilise bookitlive’s advanced booking software. Managers can define separate availability schedules for each of their staff, and they can automatically schedule in break time between appointments to give their staff a few moments to prepare.

Automatic appointment confirmations and reminder emails and SMS text messages help decrease the percentage of no show clients as do deposit and pre-payment collection capabilities.
Main Functionality of bookilive
Advanced integrations and payment features push bookitlive far beyond a typical booking software. Businesses can set up their accounts to accept bookings through their websites or their bookitlive mini website page, and they can define the days and times when each staff is available to work. Business owners can also define how much advanced notice is needed for a booking, cutting down on instances where a client tries to book an appointment with short notice. Appointment durations can be set by the business, and clients have the option to select when they should begin.

Once an appointment is booked, bookitlive sends an automated reminder via email and SMS text massage. Clients have the option of cancelling or rescheduling their appointments online, based on the policies a business owner has defined, and they can pay for their services in advance via Paypal or Securepay. By adding  a booking tab to their Facebook page  business owners can take booking from Facebook.

Benefits of Using bookitlive

Scalability is an issue that every business owner has to think about when he adopts an online booking software, since there is no telling how a business many grow in the future. bookitlive is built to scale, allowing businesses of all sizes to add additional resources and  services to their accounts.

An operating schedule can be defined for each resource when a business sets up their account. Clients aren’t given the option of making an appointment with a service provider on a date or time when that resource is not available, decreasing the chances for double bookings and other types of human error. Add-on services can also be used as a way to up sell clients and increase revenue.

The Basics
Clients can make a booking through your website, mini website or Facebook page, and select a time when they’d like their services to begin based on your availablity.

Each business that signs up for bookitlive has their own booking URL, where clients can book their services online. The booking URL can easily be linked and promoted in social feeds like Twitter and Facebook.

bookitlive’s business dashboard and tools provide real-time insights into the status of your business. See how many bookings have been booked and how much availability you currently have.

Pricing Information

All new businesses can try bookitlive for free for 14 days. Following the free trial, bookitlive offers three pricing plans for businesses of different sizes. These plans range in price dependent on the number of service types that you offer and number of resources that perform the services.

The Bottom Line
Businesses that are looking for a online booking solution that is easy to integrate and easy to use should check out bookitlive. The company offers exceptional customer support for businesses to get started using the software. Real-time tools make it possible for business owners to measure the value of their booking services at any time, to ensure they are generating more income through online booking than they are spending on the bookitlive subscription.

Learn how bookitlive can improve your business.

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