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Online booking software (SaaS) what is happening in 2015

Online booking software (SaaS) what is happening in 2015

This year instead of making a prediction of the 2015 trends I am going to look back to last year’s prediction to see if I was correct and which one will continue in 2015. 

The areas where I was correct and will continue in 2015 are:

  1. Increased Adoption
  2. Market consolidation(mergers & acquisitions)
  3. Less free services

I believe there are still massive growth opportunities in the online booking space and plenty of room for new players and enough customers for all. You might say “He works in the industry so he wants to talk it up” While that is true, the number of new business enquires  so far in 2014 is higher than any time in the last 5 years. These are small, medium and enterprise businesses that want online appointment booking.

I was told the other day that the market was full but that traditional software company was trying to make a low ball offer on a small but fast growing SaaS booking software business.  I found it odd if you thought the market was full why you would be interested in getting into the industry. 

I think the real reason is the tradition software companies are  being left behind by SaaS software companies and need to catch up before it is to late. The first movers (2007) into the SaaS booking space are now very attractive businesses.

Increased Adoption

After being in the online booking industry for over 5 years I thought I knew all the businesses that could use the product. I was wrong and always amazed when I find new ones.

Apartment construction industry

When a new apartment complex is completed owners need to do a final inspection prior to move in. When there are 100’s of apartments online booking software is a great tool for organising the inspections.

Gun & Jewellery Shops

Who would have thought that Gun & Jewellery Shops would need online booking software. Well guns do need to be maintained serviced and repaired and Jewellery Shops make valuations and repair broken Jewellery. Offer online booking on their website lets their customers book their services

Market consolidation (mergers & acquisitions) 

I missed the mark on this one by a couple of months but it did happen. Bookfresh was acquired by a Payment Gateway business.

Update 1st November 2016
1st Available an ASX listed company has made a number pf acquisitions of Australian based booking software companies including: Gobookings Doc Appointments Clinnic Connect

Less free services

I hit the mark on this one it is now harder than ever to find a free service and if you find one the features are so limited you will be quickly converted to the paid service.

By David Godbold - CEO bookitlive


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