Monday, 7 April 2014

Online Promotions & Bookings Deals, Bulk Packages

Promotions & Products

Generate more sales by offering promotions & products online for deals & special offers, bulk purchases, packages, gift certificates and digital products.
Avoid the hassles and developer costs of adding a cart to your website to sell promotions & simple products.

Online promotions & productsThe bookitlive promotions module is a simple way for your customers to purchase prior to booking. You can even sell direct from your Facebook page.

Connect your preferred payment gateway to your bookitlive account and you will be selling promotions in minutes.

Option includes:
·         Bookitlive gateway, all you need is a bank account to accept your money
·         SecurePay payment gateway connected to your merchant bank account
·         PayPal business account

Fully automate the purchasing and booking redemption processes

Using the power of your bookitlive account you can sell packages, discount deals and gift certificates that link directly to the booking process. Vouchers are purchased and emailed automatically and are redeemable when making the bookings.

Deals & Special offers

If you have used bookitlive to book a daily deal in the past you have a client list that you can use to offer your own deal. Instead of using a daily deal provider such as Groupon where they take half the money, sell directly using bookitlive promotions module and receive the full amount.

Fill up your quiet times
As you can link vouchers to a service you can define the booking schedule to occur during your quiet times and reserve the busy times for your full fee paying customers.

Here how it works for a deal & special offers:
Setup the deal or special offer on your bookitlive products page; promote the offer by sending out an email to your client database directing them to your promotion.

Your clients purchase the deal online and they are automatically sent an email with the voucher code.

At a later date their can book online themselves using the voucher code.

Bulk Purchases

Encourage customers to buy in bulk by offering discounts to purchase blocks of bookings that can be redeemed against future bookings.

Here how it works for bulk purchases:
A customer purchases a 10 class fitness package from your promotions page.
An account is created at time of purchase and an email is automatically sent with a voucher code that can be used to make ten bookings. The customer can use the voucher code to make up to ten bookings.


Attract new customers with buy one get one free offers or percentage off discounts.

Gift Certificates

Build your customer base by selling gift certificates from your website that customers can redeem against future bookings.

Digital Products

Earn extra income by selling fact sheet and meal planners online. The digital product is automatically send via email at time of purchase.

By David Godbold - Online Booking Specialist at bookitlive

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