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bookitlive wikipedia

bookitlive wikipedia

bookitlive (software as a service)

bookitlive is a online booking & payment software operated by bookitlive International, headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, that offers booking management  software. bookitlive allows users to search a service providers availability and make a booking online. The service is accessible through a web browser from an internet connected device.

bookitlive was founded in 2007 by Craig Dickson as a startup company.



 According to bookitlive, founder Craig Dickson he conceived the idea after being frustrated about not being able to make an appointment booking to see his massage therapist on a weekend.  He says that were no existing services available at the time. He began working with his existing businesses web developer to design a solution for his massage therapist and then realized that it could benefit any service based business that had the same problems.

Business model

bookitlive uses a subscription business model, where a business pays a monthly subscription for an account.


The online  service is primarily written in Ajax &PHP utilising a MySQL database.

Alexa rank at 17th August 2014 595,930

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