Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fund raising event at an Indoor Tarampoline Centre, how to on sell tickets

A great fund raising idea is to book out a whole day at an Indoor Trampoline Center (discounted rates are available for booking the whole centre) You then sell your own tickets to the event and raise money from the difference in price.

The only draw back is managing the ticket sales as this is very time consuming if you have to do it manually by collecting cash.

Recently a primary school booked out the Bounce Indoor Trampoline Centre who have there own online booking software but this would not work for selling their ticket to the event.

They solved the problem by engaging bookitlive to sell the tickets for them. As bookitlive is a leading supplier of online booking and payment software for Indoor Trampoline Centres they were able to have a booking and payment page setup in under an hour.

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