Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Innovation in online bookings and payments is unmatched

Melbourne-based startup bookitlive.net pace of innovation in online bookings and payments is unmatched. 

We regularly add new features that make managing bookings & payments easier and more powerful than ever. In fact, we've released more than 100 features in the past year. And we'll never stop investing in technology that helps build better businesses.

bookitlive was formed in Melbourne in 2008, providing online booking software that allowed people to make appointments directly with Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists.

During the six-month pilot phase, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Craig Dickson decided to take on a much broader market, and offer services to any business that needed online bookings and payments, initially focused on the driving school industry. The rethink has repositioned bookitlive as more than just an appointment book but an end-to-end booking & payment service.

“Our software not only takes the hassle out of making and managing client bookings, it gives businesses the ability to keep track of their clients, send out notification reminders, take advantage of powerful reporting features, keep track of their booking history, and for the first time in this industry, instantly accept credit card payments from clients directly through our software,” he said.

“What bookitlive does is take online booking software to its next evolutionary step. We let businesses access their data 24/7 from anywhere and from any device. This means that they can accept online bookings and payments while travelling, visiting clients, or even at home,” Craig said.

“While our software was developed to be used for any appointment-based business, our marketing and sales strategy is going to be focused on the all service based industries which is showing all the signs of being ripe for disruption,” Craig said.

bookitlive operates on a subscription model, charging businesses on a monthly basis for the use of our software, with pricing  starting from US$29.95 per month.

“One of the big game changers and additional revenue streams that we are really excited about is our credit card processing capability,” Craig said.

“In the past, clients had to get a merchant account with their bank, rent a swipe machine and pay a high transaction percentage for using it. What we have done is build this functionality directly into our software, giving smaller businesses the opportunity to finally accept credit cards from their clients at a rate much lower than what they would be paying to their bank.”

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