Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New online booking location feature for mobile businesses

New online booking location feature for mobile businesses

Our pace of innovation in online bookings and payments is unmatched. We regularly add new features that make managing bookings & payments easier and more powerful than ever. In fact, we've released more than 100 features in the past year. And we'll never stop investing in technology that helps you build a better business.

It is not practical for most mobile businesses to travel long distances to service their clients as the travel expenses outweigh the revenue that can be earned. When a mobile business like a Driving School or Mobile Mechanic accepts bookings online they need to be able to control the servicing locations that can be booked to avoid excessive travel costs. 

Using the locations feature of bookitlive an account can be configured for the servicing areas (suburbs/towns) where the business operates. 

Each Instructor/Mechanic that can have their own servicing areas defined within the business.   

When an online booking is made by the customer they select their location and only the Driving Instructor or Mechanics that operate in that location will be displayed. 

The customer adds the address within the suburb or town they selected where they need to be picked up (Driving School) or where the servicing will take place (Mobile Mechanic). 

The address details are communicated to Instructor/Mechanic automatically for every booking with the address details clickable to Google or Apples Maps for easy navigation to the next job.

About bookitlive

bookitlive is a leading provider of cloud based online booking solutions to manage online bookings and payments.
Used by small to enterprise corporations, state and local government departments, hospitals, banks, councils, corporate health care providers, universities and global corporation all successfully maximising efficiency by using bookitlive as an integral part of their day to day operations.

Founded in 2008, bookitlive’s client base includes businesses in the United Kingdom UK, Canada, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, United States USA and many more. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia.

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