Saturday, 24 October 2015

bookitlive How it works for Indoor Trampoline Centres

bookitlive - how it works for Indoor Trampoline Centres

bookitlive is an online booking and payment system that allows Indoor Trampoline Centres to show their session availability online. Customers book and make payment themselves online 24/7.

bookitlive integrates into Trampoline Centres websites and facebook pages.

Customer booking process

Customer select the trampoline session & date/time they want to book

Customer enters their contact information
 Customer selects the options and number of people attending

Customer pays for their booking

Trampoline Centres using bookitlive

Indoor Trampoline Centre booking & payment software

bookitlive also caters for Go Karting tracks, Rock Climbing Centres, Barefoot Bowling and any time based activity.

Contact bookitlive for more information
p:  +61 3 8376 7778

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