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Indoor Trampoline & Activity Centres - Controlling shared resource capacity

Controlling shared resource capacity

By bookitlive

Activity centre businesses such as climbing and indoor trampoline centres need to operate a safe environment for their customers this requires the centre  to control each session capacity (number of people participating at the same time) For safety reasons and providing a great customer experience they need to limit the number of customers actively participating per session.

As an activity centre can offer different type of sessions and sessions that vary in duration the capacity needs to be controlled on the timeslot instead of the type of session being offered.

For example: An Indoor trampoline centre which has a capacity of 50 people per session may offer the following sessions types:

  • 1 hour jumping session
  • 2 hour jumping session
  • Jumping party

All three session types can occur at the same time but capacity needs to be controlled across all on them.

bookitlive now allows the capacity to be defined on the resource schedule to allow the capacity to be controlled for all service using the schedule.
For example: One resource schedule is used for the three session types with a timeslot capacity set (50) and shared across all three. This configuration ignores the group size set on the service and uses the resource capacity instead. Regardless of which session type is booked and the duration for each session type the overall capacity is controlled by the timeslot.

About bookitlive
bookitlive is a leading provider of cloud based online booking & payment software to Indoor Trampoline and Climbing Centres in Australia and New Zealand. solutions to manage online bookings and payments.
Used by Indoor Trampoline Centres, Climbing Centres, Lawn Bowling Clubs for Barefoot Bowling, Go Karting Tracks, Paintball Centres and many other activity based businesses. All successfully maximising efficiency by using bookitlive as an integral part of their day to day operations.

Founded in 2008, bookitlive’s client base includes businesses in the United Kingdom UK, Canada, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, United States USA and many more. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia.

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